I am a Cloud Enthusiast, Solutions Architect, and IT Consultant with a strong focus on the PHP-based enterprise content management system TYPO3. Currently based in Melbourne (Australia), I consult with clients across the globe to achieve best outcomes in the digital space. This includes—but is not limited to—highly available web application hosting, IT infrastructure, IT security, and high-end, scalable, serverless cloud solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I am a web enthusiast, international advocate of open-source technologies, and a regular writer for technical journals and online media. I hold a master's degree in computer sciences and I am a TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator, TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

TYPO3 is one of the most advanced PHP-based open-source content management systems on the market.

I am a well-known member of the international TYPO3 community. I contribute to the success of this system by submitting software changes to the codebase, and I also support the documentation team, release coordination team, marketing/communication team, and certification team.

TYPO3 in high-end enterprise environments and integrated into cloud services is one of my main interests.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is, without doubt, the market leader of cloud computing.

I have worked with AWS products since 2012. I design, document, set up, and maintain high-performing workloads. Over the years, many companies have successfully implemented and launched web applications based on my recommendations and hands-on development work. Senior technical and non-technical decision-makers trust my advice and continue to reach out when needed.

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I founded t3rrific.com in 2019. The website is first and foremost the new home of the popular TYPO3-on-AWS initiative. You find several ready-to-use machine images with TYPO3 pre-installed and pre-configured as well as comprehensive documentation and commercial support options.

Get the most of modern, robust, and secure cloud environments.