TYPO3 is one of the most advanced PHP-based open-source content management systems on the market.

As an advocate of open-source software, I am a well-known member of the TYPO3 community. TYPO3 is an enterprise content management system (CMS) written in PHP and a key player in the European market. I contribute to the success of this system by submitting software changes to the codebase, and I also support the documentation team, release coordination team, marketing/communication team, and education/certification team.

I have successfully published three books about TYPO3, which quickly became the de facto standard in this area and are still thriving today.

The TYPO3-on-AWS initiative features machine images with TYPO3 pre-installed and pre-configured. Learn more about this project and how you fire up a ready-to-use TYPO3 instance in less than 5 minutes.

TYPO3 Extensions

Extensions are the cornerstone of TYPO3 and an essential part of every TYPO3 installation. I have developed several extensions for my clients and the broader community. Some of them are open-source and publicly available for example as repositories at GitHub. The following three TYPO3 extensions are currently the most popular.

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TYPO3 Nagios Monitoring

Monitoring TYPO3 instances using Nagios®

Nagios® is the industry standard in open-source server/service/network monitoring. This TYPO3 extension gathers information about TYPO3 instances and exposes the data for a Nagios® monitoring server. Both parts (the Nagios® server and the TYPO3 extension) build a system that lets system administrators reliably monitor a large number of TYPO3 servers. Consequently, Nagios® can raise alarms if a suspicious condition, insecure extensions, or a malfunction was detected.

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TYPO3 Extension Widget

Quick overview of new and updated TYPO3 extensions.

This extension provides widgets for the TYPO3 dashboard. The widgets display the most recent TYPO3 extensions published/updated at the official TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).

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Object Recognition

Detecting objects in images using AI/ML technology.

This TYPO3 extension uses an AI/ML service powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to detect objects, scenes, faces, and recognizes celebrities in images. The idea is that editors can upload images to the TYPO3 backend and the system automatically prefills fields such as the image alt-tag, keywords, description, among others.

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Articles, Papers, and Publications

TYPO3 Release Announcements

Sometimes underrate, release announcements (also known as "release notes") are an essential part of a software or product launch. They are used to communicate the content of a release to the public, which includes a description of new features, improvements, and important changes. Well written articles help set the right expectations and keep users excited about the new features and enhancements of a release.

Finding the right balance between technical details and the non-technical benefits for integrators, consultants, developers, and end-users can be a challenge. I have been responsible for most of the TYPO3 release announcement in the past years (items marked with * indicate co-authorship).

Articles on typo3.org

  • TYPO3 Developers — Get Certified!
    This article explains and promotes the TYPO3 certification program. The TYPO3 Association published the article in January 2020.
  • Land ho! Feature Freeze Ahead!
    The primary target audience of this article is TYPO3 developers. The work raised awareness of the upcoming TYPO3 feature freeze release and was published by the TYPO3 Association in January 2020.
  • The TYPO3 Extbase BookInterview with the Author
    Luisa Faßbender interviewed me about the TYPO3 Extbase book I authored, and how it came about. The TYPO3 Association published the article in August 2019.

Are you interested in further articles, blog posts, whitepapers, and manuals I published in recent years?

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Service Offers

If you are looking for a dirt-cheap developer who can build a website based on a list of requirements written on the backside of a beer mat, I am probably not the right person.

I always strive for the highest standards and a thoroughly planned and documented approach!

I have helped companies and organisations with small to medium web projects for more than ten years. I have made a name for myself especially in the TYPO3-on-AWS area, which includes planning, developing, deploying, and maintaining sophisticated websites and web applications in the cloud (go to t3rrific.com for further details).

Over the years, many international companies have successfully implemented and launched high-end solutions based on my recommendations and hands-on development work. Senior technical and non-technical decision-makers trust my advice and continue to reach out when needed.

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