Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is without doubt the market leader of cloud computing.

I have worked with AWS products since 2012. I design, document, set up, and maintain high-performing workloads on a daily basis. I consult with internal and external stakeholders on how to leverage the most of modern cloud technologies, and I have helped several clients to migrate their on-premise infrastructure to the AWS cloud.

Services Used

As of 2020, AWS comprises more than 200 products and services. Besides my day-to-day job as a Cloud Infrastructure Manager and Solutions Architect, I am deeply passionate about serverless SaaS solutions. I have designed, developed, and deployed complex applications as microservices on AWS. I am familiar with the following AWS products and services which I frequently use (among others, not listed below).

Amazon EC2

AWS Lambda

API Gateway

Amazon RDS (Aurora)

CloudFront (CDN)




Elastic File System

Elastic Load Balancer


Amazon RDS

Route 53

Simple Storage Service

Simple Email Service

Simple Notification Service

Virtual Private Cloud

Command Line Interface

Identity & Access Management

Key Management Service

AWS Shield

Web Application Firewall

Certificate Manager

...and counting!

IoT and AI/ML

I also have hands-on experience with IoT (Internet of Things) and AI/ML services, including (but not limited to) Amazon Alexa.

AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Button

Amazon Polly

Amazon Rekognition

TYPO3 extension icon

AWS Marketplace

I have successfully built and offered a range of machine images at the AWS Marketplace since 2015. These machine images are part of TYPO3-on-AWS initiative and enable users to launch instances with the open-source enterprise content management system TYPO3 pre-installed and pre-configured.

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Service Offers

Is your team too busy to plan and set up the hosting environment at AWS? Do you need advice on best practice and how to leverage the most of AWS? Over the years, many companies have successfully implemented and launched web applications based on my recommendations and hands-on development work. Senior technical and non-technical decision-makers trust my advice and continue to reach out when needed.

I plan, document, deploy, and maintain the infrastructure for you and I can help you in migrating monolith web applications into slim microservices.

Having an in-depth knowledge of how to create technical documentation and clear tutorials, I write articles for both professional journals and online media to support and influence experts in the IT industry.

Get in touch to find out what I can do for you.